DJ Muggs x Kool Keith – Divinity 2 Infinity: The Odyssey

5th October 2023 · 2020s, 2023, Hip-Hop, Music

Here’s a nice thing by two of the great names in hip hop – DJ Muggs and Kool Keith. It’s the title track from the soundtrack of a new sci-fi film called Divinity by regular David Lynch composer Dean Hurley.

I’m not the biggest hip hop fan but I’m a longtime fan of Muggs’s series of Soul Assassins albums, with their spacey soundbeds and sci-fi samples.

I guess that’s what made him the perfect collaborator for the film, a dystopian odyssey produced by Steven Soderbergh, described as a “mind-bending acid trip” – with a soundtrack to match.

Which also explains the presence of hip hop’s resident nutter Kool Keith, a legendary figure whose eccentric output under various names – Dr Octagon, Dr Doom – often contains sci-fi themes.