Dr. Dre – The Next Episode

4th March 2022 · 2000, 2000s, Hip-Hop, Music

Dr. Dre’s old-skool hip-hop classic The Next Episode, featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Kurupt, has fallen victim to cancel cultutre on the radio.

The arbitrary nature of the BBC’s efforts to censor rap music has always been a mystery to me.

Listening to a lot of hip hop tunes on the radio is like trying to read Sue Gray’s redacted Partygate report. Glitchy and hard to follow with a lot of gaps.

But even by their usual standards, 6Music’s decimated broadcast of Dr Dre’s classic cut The Next Episode as I drove home was just baffling.

I get it that they’re going to mute the F-word and the N-word (and the M-F word), of which there are many. I kinda get it that they’ll mute the W-word – even though weed is legal in large parts of the USA, including California.

But it’s what they left in that caught my attention.

By my own modest standards of moral outrage, in which racism, sexism and homophobia come just above rudeness, bullying and general “being a Tory”, by far the most hypothetically offensive couplet was left intact.

I was not impressed to hear Dr Dre (not a real doctor) conclude his fantasy of taking his chums to a WASPish country club with a strict dress code, wearing jeans, in order to: “Get my drink on and my smoke on /Then go home wit’ somethin’ to poke on (Wha’sup bitch?).”

I’m not sure what message that’s meant to send out to the admittedly elderly and mostly white listeners of 6Music but the one I’m receiving is that the BBC considers misogyny to be more acceptable than swearing (or allowing people of colour use racial epithets among themselves).

And I damn well don’t know any women who would be happy to be described as “something to poke on” – let alone by a bogus doctor who’s probably over the limit after a night of overindulgence.

But I’m a big fat hypocrite because I still love the tune. Especially without the censorship.