Ellie Bleach – Merry Christmas, Do You Ever Think Of Me?

21st December 2023 · 2020s, 2023, Music

There’s a compelling argument that we’ve had enough Christmas songs to last a lifetime and don’t need any more. But this one has that same seasonal sense of sadness and nostalgia as Fairytale Of New York.

Ellie Bleach is a new name to me: a singer-songwriter from London with a couple of singles under her belt before this, which appears on the Rough Trade shops Christmas compilation.

It perfectly captures the conflicting feelings when you return to the bosom of your family for the festive season, and the memories – good and bad, happy and sad – that come flooding back.

Or as she says: “Set in the sleepy suburbs, ‘Merry Christmas, Do You Ever Think Of Me?’ is my take on the sadness that nostalgia can so often manifest. I wanted to express the strange discomfort of familiarity in returning to your hometown, especially at the so-called happiest time of the year.

“The repeated ‘nothing changes round here’ is a phrase often heard in the quiet suburbs that reads as boredom and comfort in equal measures.

“Returning to a place that hasn’t changed can transport you back to the person you once were, and for my first ever Christmas song, I wanted to create a narrator who has found herself caught by the past, lamenting a lost love as they idly daydream about a chance encounter.”