Lack Of Afro – A Time For…

17th July 2022 · 2010s, 2011, Funk, Jazz, Music, Soul

With its smooth groove and sweet vocal, sinuous sax and bubbling bassline, this is just the job for a hot summer day.

When I first came across Lack of Afro about a decade ago I imagied the record that had come through the post was some sort of compilation album.

Then I supposed it must be a group of retro soul and jazz-funk fans from somewhere in America, paying homage to a bygone era.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Lack of Afro is a nerdy-looking single guy, Adam Gibbons, and he comes from Devon, where he has been making music since 2007, when he was in his mid-twenties.

Back then he was working at Sky Television in London, working 12-hour shifts and creating beats on an old Dell laptop in his bedroom, using pirated software.

Inspired mostly by DJ Shadow’s landmark album Endtroducing, Gibbons’ debut album Press On is made up mostly of vintage funk and soul samples; there’s even a track with vocals by Steve Marriott.

These days he collaborates with Wayne Gidden, who sings on this, with its splendid video featuring David Schneider. We’ve all been there – but not always with such a great soundtrack.