McLusky – Unpopular Parts Of A Pig

25th September 2023 · 2020s, 2023, Music, Punk

I’m not sure I even like this song, but I feckin’ LOVE that monstrous guitar riff. And sometimes that’s enough. I’m also drawn to the title of the song, which is Unpopular Parts Of A Pig. And its lyrics, which are indistinct but seem interesting and funny.

And, just generally, to the antisocial vibe which is very “punk” without them actually sounding like a punk band. But they are the essence of punk in their lo-fi DIY approach.

It vaguely reminds me of something, which could be Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine in their old Sheriff Fatman era, but might be Splodgenessabounds. Or may be neither of those.

This claims to be a double A-side, even though there is no such thing in the digital age – and it comes from a release that has four tracks.

I’m not familiar with McLusky but they seem to come from Bristol (though this was recorded in Rugby) and are a trio of Andrew Falkous (guitar), Damien Sayell (bass), Jack Egglestone (drums), all of whom seem to share the vocals.

According to their biog they were a band between 1999 and 2005 “and now they are a band again.” They say they released this “in order to raise money towards the ridiculously expensive US visas we require if we’re to finish what we started in that stupid, wonderful country.”

Brexit, eh.