You hear the word ‘classic’ bandied about a lot but Express Yourself is a solid-gold soul and funk classic of the first order. (more…)

The Shirelles were still in their teens, fresh out of Passaic High School in New Jersey, when they became the first black girl group to top the US charts in 1960. (more…)

Roy Ayers’s song Everybody Loves The Sunshine is the quintessential summer groove, guaranteed to brighten any day. (more…)

Big Star – Thirteen

3rd July 2021 · 1970s, 1972, Music
Big Star could and should have been a sensation when they got together in 1970. Alex Chilton was a teen star as lead singer of The Box Tops, topping the charts with The Letter. (more…)

What a strange and compelling song The Letter is. And how strange to realise that husky blue-eyed soul voice comes from a 16-year-old boy. (more…)

Heard on its own, this melancholy ten-minute guitar apocalypse by Funkadlic would be impossible to categorise. (more…)

Everything about this sleazy song by Serge Gainsbourg is fantastic. Except its problematic subject matter – paedophilia. (more…)

If you’re going to be known for just one song, then you might as well make it a great one. Like King Floyd’s solitary hit Groove Me. (more…)

Big lady, big voice, big hair – Jean Knight had it all. Mr Big Stuff was her takedown of that guy all women know, the one who thinks he’s God’s gift. He’s begging to be taken down, and Jean did the job for us all in this stone-cold funk and soul classic. (more…)

Kraftwerk – Autobahn

3rd July 2021 · 1970s, 1974, Music

During the seven years of my youth in Germany, I don’t think I heard a single note of music from my adopted country. The year I left school that changed. (more…)