Rose City Band – Slow Burn

27th May 2023 · 2020s, 2023, Country

The Rose City Band are the country-flavoured side project of Wooden Shjips duo Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada. This druggy animated road video certainly captures the woozy mood of their laid-back country-fried boogie.

It’s the epitome of ‘driving music’ – especially if your route is through one of those wide open spaces in America. And if you have a fondness for psychedelic narcotics of all kinds.

The Rose City Band are one of several offshoots of the equally (if not more) spacey psychedelic San Francisco band Wooden Shjips, all of them vehicles for guitarist Ripley Johnson and synth player Sanae Yamada.

Unlike the motorik excursions of Moon Duo and Yamada’s recently unveiled solo project Vive La Void, this one operates in the sphere of country-tinged psychedelia, like a modern-day Grateful Dead.

Their new album that pays homage to the bands Johnson grew up with, of whom the most obvious is The Dead, and in particular their guitarist Jerry Garcia, with added country twang from pedal steel guitarist Barry Walker.

Yamada plays synthesiser, though not as evidently as on their other projects, and fellow Moon Duo bandmate John Jeffrey plays drums, Paul Hasenberg keyboards and Dewey Mahood bass.

Anyway, tune in, turn on and give it a listen.