Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – Many Things

26th July 2021 · 2000s, 2008, Music
This is irresistible – and couldn’t be more topical with the dreadful events currently going on in South Africa.

The slinky, sensual, synocopated rhythm. The circular guitar motifs. The euphoric call-and-response vocals. The sax solos… and especially the lyrics.
It’s a furious condemnation of the seemingly endless corruption that plagues a continent where vast numbers of people die daily of hunger and disease while leaders accumulate obscene amounts of wealth.
Seun Kuti is the youngest son of the great Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, the pioneer of afrobeat. Since his death he’s taken over as the leader of his father’s band Egypt 80.
Even more of a chip off the old block than his more successsful older brother Femi, he shares the same anger at the shame of his nation – and continent – as his father ever did.