Shakin’ Stevens – All You Need Is Greed

29th March 2023 · 2020s, 2023, Music, Rock'n'Roll

Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your appreciation and enjoyment a great new single by the UK’s most successful singles artist of the 1980s.

Who can it be, I bet you’re wondering – Madonna? Michael Jackson? Wrong and wrong again.

Elton? Cliff? Whitney? Kylie?  Still no.

How about George Michael? Nope, not even with Wham!

In terms of weeks spent in the Top 40 there is one clear winner. It is, of course, Mike Barrett – better known to his fans as Shakin’ Stevens.

His new single, All You Need Is Greed, finds him “doing a Johnny Cash” by owning his age (75), going back to his roots and wearing his social conscience on its sleeve… literally.

Which will surprise no one who knows that Shaky started out in Cardiff playing gigs for the Young Communist League.

Unlike the actual record, which will surprise most of us who grew up with Shaky’s string of execrable ’80s chart toppers like The Green Door, This Ole House, Oh Julie and – worst of the lot – Merry Christmas Everyone.