Fucked Up – I Think I Might Be Weird

24th January 2023 · 2020s, 2022, Music

This isn’t the best thing the provocatively named Canadian band Fucked Up have ever done. Because that would be when they took part in the self-explanatory Festival of the Fuck Bands in 2008.

There they performed alongside their fellow provocateurs Fuck, Fuck Buttons, Holy Fuck, Fuck The Facts and Starfucker.
Where was this festival held, do I hear you ask? Why, there could only be one place… the Austrian village of Fucking.
This is their latest tune, I Think I Might Be Weird.  
The video, intended as an ode to OCD, is funny, surreal, slightly disturbing – and certainly illustrates the song title.
Fucked Up, who formed in Toronto in 2001 (Canada seems to be home to many, if not most, of the F-word bands), have released close to 100 singles, EPs and albums and are known for live shows lasting up to 12 hours: a long time to listen to grinding guitars and rasping vocals.
They’ve taken the opposite approach for their latest album, One Day, with the whole thing written and recorded in 24 hours, with each band member working remotely while adhering to the rule.