Lolahol – Cuntradiction

12th November 2022 · 2020s, 2022, Music

Like mother like daughter… this is Madonna’s daughter Lolahol slavishly coping the methods that brought her mother to public attention more than 40 years earlier.

Here’s an attention-seeking young woman trying to kickstart her music career in the oldest way known to man – by shedding most of her clothes, writhing around suggestively, and trying to create controversy with the name of the song… Cuntradiction.

Like mother, like daughter. This is Lolahol, aka Lola Leon, or Lourdes as she was christened by that mother.

Having dropped her debut single, Lock & Key in August to a cacophony of indifference, the 26-year-old “model and socialite” is now trying to make some noise with the very same tactics that once worked so well for mom.

Not that mom, large parts of whom are significantly younger than her daughter, is showing any signs of giving up on sensationalism in her dotage.
I was going to say hats off to her for having a go, but in true Madonna fashion she’s taken off her hat, her shoes and nearly everything else, throwing in several costume changes and a little light bondage (ropes everywhere) to cater for every perv’s whim.

If the image is pure jailbait, the music – which does have a pleasingly ethereal vibe – owes a big debt to trip-hop, which is odd as Lola was yet to be born when Portishead came to our attention. I suppose there is every chance she was conceived to a backdrop of Glory Box or Sour Times – I imagine a lot of girls her age were.

The video begins with Lola in a barn, wearing white underwear. Like a virgin, you might be tempted to think – or one of those teenage girls always being held captive in an abandoned building in a Nordic noir crime drama.

Soon we find her mounted on a white horse in a new set of lingerie (that barn must have a pop-up branch of Victoria’s Secret). Later on she’s in an attic (more Scandi-noir flashbacks), clad in a skimpy black minidress and black boots as she writhes around suspended from a pair of ropes (ditto).

Towards the end there’s a pastoral moment as she watches a butterfly alight on her finger, symbolising… who knows what: Madonna Jr emerging from her mother’s chrysalis?

Lourdes is the oldest of Madonna’s six children and her only one with Cuban actor Carlos Leon. In a recent interview she said: “People think I’m this talentless rich kid who’s had everything given to her, but I’m not,” adding that she paid for college herself.

I know what you’re wondering… where DOES she find the money?