On my sixth birthday (January 1964) the charts were topped by The Beatles with I Want To Hold Your Hand. But the song that catches my eye today is the song at No.10 that week. (more…)

The Beatles made their first entry into the pop chart in January 1963, reaching the lofty heights of No.16 with Love Me Do. (more…)

In the pantheon of soul greats, Major Lance never got the name recognition of Curtis Mayfield, his mentor and collaborator on the Chicago soul scene in the Sixties.


Here’s another very-oldie dating back to 1963 by The Drew-Vels – re-recorded four years later as a solo single by Patti Drew. (more…)

This may be the most extraordinary discovery I’ve stumbled upon.
It was recorded in 1963 but its psych-tinged blend of jazz, soul and blues is way ahead of its time. (more…)

Be My Baby is arguably the single most perfect pop song of all time. And surely Spector’s crowning achievement. (more…)

In 1963 my mother bought her first and, I’m fairly sure, last pop record. I was five – and this is it. 

Break-up songs don’t come much more devastating than The End Of The World, which gave country legend Skeeter Davis her only UK hit in 1963. (more…)