The Capitols – Cool Jerk

23rd September 2022 · 1960s, 1966, Music, Soul

A bit of a soul classic featuring the Funk Brothers, Motown’ peerless house band, Cool Jerk reached No.7 for one-hit wonders The Capitols in 1966.

The arrangement is by sax legend Mike Terry but, curiously, his horn arrangement isn’t there – his fellow brass players failed to turn up to the session.

The Capitols were a vocal trio who started out some years before this as The Three Caps and had actually broken up by the time guitarist Donald Storball wrote this song.

They agreed to re-form when the song began gaining popularity – and it became their only hit.

Cool Jerk was originally due to be called Pimp Jerk, until Storball was warned that radio stations might ban it because of the word pimp in the title.

He wrote it after noticing the neighbourhood pimps in Detroit clubs acting too cool to do the popular dance The Jerk which had spawned a more sexual version dubbed The Pimp Jerk.