Wayne Wade – Happy Go Lucky Girl

A blast of sunshine, Wayne Wade’s upbeat cover of an old Paragons tune lights up any cloudy day with his sweet vocal.

Nice chill dub from Yabby You too, featuring a lesser-known toaster, Prince Pompado, paying tribute to the superior qualities of Jamaican girls: “Dem a sugar an’ spice,” apparently,

I remember picking this 12-inch up from a tiny reggae record shop in Lower Clapton, possibly in Glenarm Road, when the proprietor, whose name I forget and whose shop is long gone, gave me a handful of dub plates to review for my music column (the regrettably titled Disc Date) in the Hackney Gazette.

I’m sure I gave it a rave review. I’ve now passed the original disc on to my son Theo, who I’m pleased to say has inherited his dad’s fondness for conscious reggae.

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