David Holmes (ft. Raven Violet) – Blind On A Galloping Horse

16th May 2024 · 2020s, 2024, Music

A powerful message of hope for a ceasefire in Gaza, created in collaboration by musician/producer David Holmes, film-maker/activist Douglas Hart, artist/activist Adam Broomberg, Hebron resident Issa Amro and vocalist Raven Violet.

The idea for this film came about with my friend & comrade Adam Broomberg; an Artist & Activist, co-founder of the NGO artists + allies x Hebron with the human rights defender Issa Amro (who is based in Hebron). Adam got in touch about creating a visual piece to my song ‘Blind on a Galloping Horse’, featuring his friend Issa Amro and his daily struggles with the Israeli state and IDF. From this simple idea another friend, the brilliant film-maker and activist Douglas Hart, came onboard and created this very special film based on a couple of very open conversations about what we are trying to say and why the song itself tells many stories to many. Huge thank you to both Adam & Douglas. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to collaborate with 2 great artists on such a worthy cause” – David Holmes

• Humanity as an Act of Resistance •

You shelled our dreams

Along with our memories

You slaughter our children

Still in their Nurseries

So I stand before you

And I don’t have a pittance

Just my Humanity as an Act of Resistance

You shelled our mosques

along with our fathers

You shelled our hospitals

Precious Nurses & Doctors

I stand before you

with not one iota of forgiveness

just with my Humanity as an Act of Resistance

You targeted our poets ,

journalists & artists ,

educators, libraries , liberators and publishing houses

Your cowardice is bottomless

While armed to the back teeth

In yr cemetery of numbers

not fit for a wreath

You shelled our aid

& human rights

Our bakeries our bread

Starving babies now dead

They say those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it

Memories quite visibly

shaking the present

Where there’s Oppression

you’ll find severe mental illness

but also you’ll find

Humanity as an Act of Resistance

(David Holmes, 2024)