Gold Panda – The Corner

14th June 2023 · 2020s, 2023, Hip-Hop, Music

The Corner is the standout track on Gold Panda’s latest album The Work – a smooth summer groove with a nice video shot in Berlin. Now it gets a new dimension in his remix featuring not one, not two but three rappers: Open Mike Eagle, Infinite Livez and McKinley Dixon.

It’s the first time he’s had rappers on a single, and hopefully not the last. Gold Panda – real name Derwin Dicker – explains: “When I was making the album version of ‘The Corner’ I was thinking about how a vocalist might work on the track and rap / hip-hop has always been my go-to music for inspiration.

“I’d say a lot of my music starts off as trying to be a hip-hop track and slowly descends into Gold Panda-ness, so it’s been a pleasure to de-clutter my original version to make space for the artists I’ve been so lucky to get verses from.”

I’ll be listening to this on heavy rotation this summer.