Hermanos Gutiérrez – Barrio Hustle

17th May 2024 · 2020s, 2024, Music

The laid-back desert twang of instrumentalists Hermanos Gutiérrez sounds like something from a Mexican movie – but the brothers come from Switzerland.

One click on a random email today and I instantly found this perfect partner for the sun streaming into the kitchen from my patio.

With its laid-back desert vibe and Spaghetti Western twang, Barrio Hustle sounds like it’s taken from an imaginary Tarantino movie set on the Mexican border.

In fact brothers Alejandro and Estevan come not from Mexico – or even from Texas – but from the banking capital of Zürich in Switzerland.

Not that you’d know it from their sound, which has more to do with their Ecuadorean roots than cuckoo clocks, chocolate and numbered accounts.

They perform their instrumental tunes as Hermanos Gutiérrez and this tune comes from the brothers’ forthcoming album, Sonido Cósmico, produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

Following a much-acclaimed performance at Coachella in April they went out on tour with their virtual twins Khruangbin, and are now on their own headline tour.

I’m about to delve into their 2022 album El Bueno Y El Malo, on which the desert landscapes painted by their haunting guitars are accompanied by strings, drums and organ, incorporating elements of cumbia and salsa.