Mattiel – Guns Of Brixton (Rub A Dub Style)

27th May 2024 · 2020s, 2021, Music

Mattiel come from the Deep South and have roots in vintage soul and blues – but love to play cover versions of English bands.

Mattiel Brown is a Southern gal with a powerful voice and a garage band with roots in vintage blues and soul, based in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has a habit of throwing in curveball cover versions at her live shows; the first time I saw them, the encore was a version of Up The Junction by Squeeze.

Its South London kitchen-sink drama surely makes it one of the last songs you’d expect an American band to tackle. Until the next time I saw them, when they played West End Girls by The Pet Shop Boys.

Surely nothing if not an anglophile, she more recently took on The Clash, performing Guns Of Brixton – recording it for an excellent remix album on Heavenly.

Like the others, it shouldn’t really work, though you might argue that replacing Paul Simonon’s flat-as-a-pancake vocals can only improve it.

And maybe it does.