Definitely my favourite Buzzcocks single; definitely one of the best punk singles of all time. I always thought Buzzcocks were the most ‘poppy’ of the punk bands, and in my naivety I imagined they would go on to top the charts for years. (more…)

The Desperate Bicycles are the quintessential example of punk’s DIY ethos, in which anyone could go out and form a band. (more…)

Watch this! Alice Low unveils new song and video Sodomizer

TRIGGER WARNING: If you think you’re immune to cheap sentimentality this may make you reconsider. Eleven-year-old Björk Guðmundsdóttir’s debut is so cute that even the hardest heart will melt. (more…)

Watch this! Gender-fluid NY punks cumgirl8 release new single & video – Dumb Bitch

Celia & the Mutations only ever released two singles, and those four tracks featured the mysterious Celia backed by three different bands. (more…)

Over the years I’ve occasionally heard musicians on the end of scathing reviews express the idea that these critiques are motivated by jealousy. Some of them seem to think music journalists are all frustrated musicians. (more…)

Johnny & The Self-Abusers had the perfect punk trajectory, releasing one single in their eight-month career. Then they became Simple Minds.

Plenty of soul singers (Aretha, Otis, Whitney) had parents who were church ministers and plenty more began singing in church when they were young. A handful (Al Green, Eddie Holman) even went on to become ministers themselves. Only one earned the title “The Female Preacher” – Lyn Collins. (more…)

RIP Vangelis (1943-2022)

27th May 2022 · 2022, Music

Farewell prog pioneer, electronic music maestro and Oscar-winning film soundtrack composer Evangelos Odyssey Papathanassiou (yes, that really is his middle name)… better known as Vangelis.