I first heard Rose Maddox when my friend Steve England made a tape of old-time music – bluegrass, country, western swing and hillbilly boogie – after starting his club Son of Redneck with Jo Hagan. (more…)

Well this is pure filth. And the last thing you’d expect from a god-fearing gal raised in the church. But there you are: Dinah Washington was one of a kind. (more…)

It’s easy to imagine an electrified audience getting down to do the Twist the moment they heard this tune in 1948. Except that the Twist wouldn’t be invented for another decade. (more…)

Rewinding back to 1948 on the early rock’n’roll trail, I discover Detroit sax man Wild Bill Moore.


Here’s a third nomination for First Rock’n’Roll song – it’s got a backbeat, you can’t lose it, as some other group would one day observe.