The Rats – Telephone Blues

10th November 1969 · 1960s, 1969, Music
Here’s a bonus song from Hull’s finest band of 1966 – The Rats.
They had no success at all. This was their first single and features Mick Ronson at his brilliant best.


The Archies – Sugar Sugar

25th October 1969 · 1960s, 1969, Music

The Archies defined the term ‘bubblegum pop’ with this made-up song by a made-up group that made The Monkees sound like Genesis. It still sounds great. (more…)

Count Matchuki was the original deejay. The founding father of toasting – and, by extension, the forefather of rap. (more…)

Talk about being ahead of your time – this anthem was released more than 50 years ago and has never been more relevant.


Another one-hit wonder from the summer of ’69 by Zager & Evans, the still-prescient In The Year 2525 topped the charts and sold a staggering four million copies. (more…)

This song was a huge cause celèbre when it came out in 1969. It was banned by radio stations in most countries, including the UK, and condemned by the Vatican. (more…)

Joe South’s timeless tune with a powerful message makes him one of the great one-hit wonders. But he was much more than that. 


This is the third single I ever bought. I’m not proud of that. It’s a repetitive and dull song but forgive me. I was only 10. (more…)

This rollicking tune by a Scouse comedy trio is the second single I ever bought. I’m pleased to say my musical taste has improved since then (I think). (more…)

Ken Boothe – Feel Good

29th September 1968 · 1960s, 1968, Music, Reggae

Here’s how reggae riddims evolve: nine versions of the same rocksteady riddim, from Roy Shirley to Ken Boothe via Big Youth and I-Roy. (more…)