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A Black Lives Matter anthem half a century before #BLM, this was a No.6 hit for Greyhound, but its history goes back farther than that. (more…)

Not just a great song but a poignant performance by The Temptations – their final TV appearance with Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams, and their last on The Ed Sullivan Show.


Here’s a pop trivia gem: this song by John Kongos is the first to use a sample. It would be sampled itself nearly 20 years later by The Happy Mondays. 


The quintessential novelty hit and definition of a “song you love to hate”, Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep earned Middle Of The Road their first number one in June 1971. (more…)

Tony Christie joined the trend for revenge songs, hunting down his wife’s murderer with I Did What I Did For Maria. (more…)

There are songs you hear so often that you never want to hear them again. And ones that still lift your spirits as soon as they start to play. This is one of those. (more…)

Free followed their huge hit All Right Now with this jaunty pub piano singalong, My Brother Jake, showcasing the subtler side of Paul Kossoff’s guitar pyrotechnics. (more…)

Everyone of a certain age will remember this chart-topper from 1971. Not necessarily a favourite of mine, but it’s part of our lives – especially mine. (more…)

Top of the Pops, April 1971 – the first time I had ever seen The Rolling Stones and one of those landmark performances that has stayed in my mind. (more…)

Ringo may have been the least talented Beatle (so they say) but his solo career produced my favourite ex-Beatle songs: Photograph, Back Off Boogaloo – and this.