Rod Stewart – Maggie May

9th October 1971 · 1970s, 1971, Music
This was the song that made Rod Stewart a star. And it happened by accident, when DJs flipped over a flop and found this on the B-side.


Delroy Wilson was the Cool Operator immortalised by The Clash. Here’s the song that earned him the nickname. (more…)

Curved Air – Back Street Luv

18th September 1971 · 1970s, 1971, Music
The beautiful Sonja Kristina and her band of virtuoso music students took Curved Air into the charts with one of the era’s more unusual hits, Back Street Luv.


John Lennon would have had his 80th birthday in 2020 and his album Imagine is soon to be 50. This protest song still stands up half a century later. (more…)

When people think of the soul greats, they tend to start with Aretha (which is fair enough) but bypass Diana Ross, which is unfair.


This sultry steamy concoction, with its spooky intro, voodoo chants and twangy guitars, gave Redbone their one and only UK hit when it reached No.2 in 1971.

One of the greatest live bands of all time, The Who rarely captured that excitement on record. This was the one exception.


Vincent Crane’s organ-led Atomic Rooster had the bigger of their two 1971 hit singles when The Devil’s Answer took them to number 4 in the chart. (more…)

Here’s another of those songs that’s been lodged in my ears and brain for half a century – the first hit for squeaky-clean boy-girl harmony group The New Seekers.


Here’s another soft rock song that reminds me of long summer holidays that seemed to go on for ever: the first hit by the strangely named – and even more strangely coiffured – Lobo. (more…)