The great Senegalese singer Baaba Maal plays a key part in the birth of my daughter Lily. No, not like that… (more…)

After ten days of solitary confinement with Covid I am finally allowed back into the community today* – so what better song to celebrate than this. (more…)

Walter “Wolfman” Washington plays the blues in that unique New Orleans style, blending funk, soul and jazz in that steamy brew synonymous with the Crescent City. (more…)

Of the many tunes sampling Marlena Shaw’s marvellous Woman Of The Ghetto,  this may be my favourite. Remember Me by Blue Boy, aka Scottish DJ Lex Blackmore, has such a chill vibe that’s perfect for summer weather. (more…)

Elvis Presley meets Massive Attack in an inspired mash-up that spans 25 years and 4,000 miles to merge Memphis and Bristol. (more…)

From the last album Biggie Smalls released in his lifetime, a user guide to making money in the way he used to earn his. (more…)

Butthole Surfers – Pepper

17th April 2021 · 1990s, 1996

You can probably tell from their name that The Butthole Surfers are not for everyone. But the Texas noisemongers were very much for me. In parts, anyway. (more…)

Filmed in a downpour against leaden skies and the synthesised diesel roar of a motorway, this rave anthem – another list song – lives up to its title. (more…)

A House – Endless Art

8th April 2021 · 1990s, 1991, Music

List Songs are a category all of their own: songs whose lyrics recite things – usually names – like, for example, My Favourite Things from The Sound Of Music. But not that. (more…)